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Automatic Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Power Factor Correction is accepted universally as one of the first steps recommended to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency.It works by “correcting” an inefficient electrical load or supply. Capacitors are automatically switched in to circuit to counteract the effects of an inductive load which is produced by all motors, pumps, air conditioning systems, refrigeration and general plant & machinery that use motors in their process or operation.


  • Removal of “Reactive Power” charges(penalty for operating an inefficient electrical supply)
  • Reduction in kva “Availability” & “Capacity” charges
  • Reduction in kw/h losses
  • Reductions in COemissions
  • Reduction in circuit currents
  • Improved electrical efficiency
  • Improved utility


Lighting Schemes 

Swift Electrical Supplies can replace existing lighting with LED lighting to help the environment and importantly cut electricity costs. We can also offer high efficiency, T5 lighting and hazardous applications.

Full lighting schemes and cost saving calculations available.